Puscha Health Resort mission is the creation and development of new international standards for the hospitality industry in Ukraine.

Immerse yourself in the magical atmosphere of relaxation. In the rooms of the Puscha Vodica Resort you will have a fascinating view of the pine forest and fantastic forest landscapes. Nothing prevents you from enjoying peace and tranquility.

Simply choose the appropriate room: Standard, Family, Suite or Cottage. The rest is ours. All that remains for you is to receive unforgettable impressions.

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• Climatotherapy

• Dietology

• Balneotherapy

• Electrotherapy

• Light therapy

• Laser therapy

• Ultrasound inhalation

• Massage

• Therapeutic physical education

• Scandinavian stroke

• Mechanotherapy

• Aromatherapy

• Shock Wave Therapy

• Underwater Stretching of the Spine

• Press Therapy

• Hydrocolonotherapy

• Sauna

• Solarium



  • August 1946 - district house of rest "Puscha Vodica" of the Kiev military district for 100 beds

  • April 1947 - renaming the Puscha-Vodica military sanatorium for 100 beds

  • March 1954 - extension of the sanatorium to 150 beds

  • October 1980 - extension of the sanatorium to 300 beds

  • February 1996 - the reform of the sanatorium for 250 beds

  • February 2001 - renaming the 250-bed Puscha-Vodica Central Military Sanatorium

  • January 2008 - reorganization into the Puscha-Vodica Center for Medical Rehabilitation and Sanatorium Treatment (Puscha Health Resort) for 250 beds

What our guests are saying

Great place. Especially the nature is good: forests, springs and lakes by themselves carry healing and tranquility. Lots of sun, fresh air, silence, charming nature. Even in Kiev not far, you can go on excursions to anyone who is interesting, went to excursions to Vitachev and Trypillya, the rest was unforgettable and interesting! Will mention the debt harsh winter :)

Svetlana Lesotho

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Ukraine, Kiev,

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